The SRD Law Firm represents entertainment industry clients in all areas of the media; including music, film and television.  The attorneys at the SRD Law Firm, Sports & Entertainment Department brings to the business of entertainment and sports the Firm’s significant experience in the areas of corporate and transactional matters; finance; federal, state and local tax; real estate; and many other areas of the law that are needed to properly represent professional entertainers, coaches and athletes. Together with their understanding of the priorities and concerns of all private and public parties, The SRDLaw Firm attorneys effectively plan, structure, negotiate and document transactions, anticipate issues, and provide creative strategies and advice.

The types of legal services we provide to entertainment industry clients include the following:

  • Television and film production – representation of clients in different aspects of television and film production
  • Entertainment contracts – negotiation and drafting of entertainment contracts for events, performances
  • Artist representation – representation of artists and producers in all of their activities such as sound and music recording, personal appearances, music publishing, music videos, domestic and international tours and artist development
  • Protection of public image – representation of artists and celebrities in matters requiring retractions or public apologies for defamatory statements, as well as the institution and defense of civil actions involving preservation of public image
  • Celebrity sponsorships – representation of both celebrities and product or service companies in the negotiation and documentation of sponsorship or spokesperson agreements
  • Artists tours – representation of recording artists in all aspects of domestic and international tours.


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